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I shot photos a couple of weeks ago for a story on a well known, local religious leader who, it turns out, has been having sexual relationships with several women that he was counseling and serving as their spiritual leader. He also took in parolees from local prisons and is said to have been quite demanding of them, outside of what was his designated role, as defined by the parole board.

There was no physical rape, but the man in question, Bo Lozoff, was said to be taking advantage of his position, much in the way a doctor would be if they were having relations with their patients.

The issue was, the woman who had agreed to speak for the story, although without being named, did not, obviously, want to have her face in the magazine. The writer, editor and I thought that it would really add to the credibility of the story if we were able to have a picture of her. She agreed to an anonymous portrait.

We have all seen these before, the dark silhouette, the headless body, etc. It works sometimes, like here and here, but can also be tricky to do anything different within the confines of the assignment and the wishes of the subject of the story. She was also allowed to preview the photos before press time to make sure she was comfortable and felt that they would not give away her identity.

I have never done this before, but I am pretty pleased with the results. My first choice, see below, did not run.

They went with this one

Which is fine, but I like the first better, lonlier, darker, which is how she felt. She holds herself partly to blame, she did agree to the relationship, but feels taken advantage of and I thought the first photo better illustrated that. Opinions?

Read the article here if you want the whole picture, it just got published on Wednesday.


Cabin Fever

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It is raining like hell here today, and it has done a good job of keeping me at my computer doing what I am supposed to be doing, my new portfolio for the trip to NYC come October.

Still, it makes me nuts and I want to travel.


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Perhaps a first

maybe the last

but we will see how it goes.

Photos are like weeds, they just need a place to grow.