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On the Road

Posted in Uncategorized on September 15, 2008 by jeremymlange

Leaving for Budapest, Hungary in a couple of hours.

See some friends, wander the city, make some photographs of whatever catches my eye.

A bit of a travel story.

I will try and post a bit while I am gone.

And hopefully see another gypsy band at a bar like I did the last time I was there.

The energy was nothing short of amazing.

See you soon.


Goodbye to a good dream

Posted in Uncategorized on September 11, 2008 by jeremymlange

As many of you have probably already heard, the Photoshelter Collection is no more.

Or at least, it will be gone October 10th.

A shame. I bought in at the the beginning and enjoyed the idea of a reasonable archive/stock split, 70/30, and the support of the folks there. When they knew I had photos in my archive, a seperate section of Photoshelter, that they needed, I would get an email to upload for the client. Unheard of, so thanks Amber, and everyone else.

Andrew H. has covered this already over at Jackanory and so has Matt at dva but it is worth a long mention cause the idea was great and I hope what was learned in the short time will be carried over to the Archive, which is apparently here to stay.

Shoot the Blog author Rachel Hulin has migrated to her own site, as to be named. Should be good.

Ironically, I made my first Collection sale today, on the first day of the end.

More football

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Because football is great. Say what you want, and I am no stats junkie, but watching football on a Sunday with your buddies or in a bar is hard to beat.

Between the story mentioned in the last post, and a personal project on the Triangle Rattlers, a semi pro football team in the Raleigh/Durham area, I have been shooting a lot of football and enjoying every minute of it. Mostly feature photos, not so much on the live action shots so well done by my colleagues at publications like Sports Illustrated.

I figured I would show a few cause the weather is crappy here and I have some time off, til tomorrrow.


Triangle Rattlers

Hurray for football

Hurray for the fall.

It is that Time…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 7, 2008 by jeremymlange

For football.

Been working for a week or so on a story about the new flow of money into local college football, which is not typically all that good, for the Independent Weekly. We are a basketball state, by in large, but the big 3 schools in the area, UNC- Chapel Hill, Duke and NC State, have all invested heavily in their football programs for the season. Is it worth it? That is the question.

Anyway, we wanted to shoot the NC State starting quarterback, a freshman, Russell Wilson, but in the season opener, which State lost 34-0, he got a 3rd degree concussion, days before the shoot, which I practically had to beg for, 5 minutes only. Why the short time for a freshman QB in college ball, I have no idea, but that was it.

Well, he is gone, so shift gears, who now, cause we wanted NC State for the cover of the issue. Deadline, 2 days, call the PR folks the day before after confirming the changes with the editors.

Andre Brown, running back, had 100 yards in the opener,

and the backup QB, Daniel Evans, who started last year.

I get 10 minutes for both, after practice on a 92 degree day.

This happens, more often that not, the quick pace, you get this, we get that, that is it.

Ok, so I make a couple of portraits, helmet on, helmet on, lit, not. I was pretty happy with the results, but you always want more, options, time, reaction, connection.