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Tis the Season

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Spent a couple of days in the mountains shooting the North Carolina Christmas tree industry. North Carolina is the 2nd highest producer of Christmas trees in the country, behind Oregon, and the 1st as far as money earned from trees goes. Over 2 million trees come out of Ashe County alone every year.

Had a great guide to the local farmers from the Ashe County Extension Office. The farmers had been burned on a couple of stories before, so having a local guide who knew the people involved was invaluable.

Many of the seasonal workers are Latin American, primarily Mexican, and all that I met were H2A guest workers who return for years when the big season starts, before Thanksgiving, many coming from further south where they were harvesting citrus fruit in Florida, or soy beans in eastern North Carolina. Got to practice my slightly rusty Spanish, too.

The story will not run until Decmeber 17th, I will let you all know, but here is an approved teaser.



Give Thanks

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To someone you care about

Does not have to be about gluttony…

just fun

But you can go eat pumpkin pie for breakfast


Magnum in Motion

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Really hits the mood on this one.

Well worth the look.

New Chances and the Long Road

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Sorry it has been a while.

Many happenings here, and everywhere, so I will try and summarize the last few weeks.

Met music legend James Taylor to photograph him for new client Rolling Stone. As is the case with many shoots of the very busy and famous, time allotted was cut short due to scheduling conflicts, but the shoot went great and the photo is in this months issue. Below is an outtake that I really liked. Nice guy, intense, and he grew up in the same area as I did, so it was a pleasure to hear how things had changed between our generations.


New York, see previous post, was great. Met some new editors, and some I have worked with before, and had some great conversations about photography in general and excellent feedback on the new portfolio. Hope the meetings bear photographic fruit and thanks to everyone who made the time before a very busy week to see me. More on that later.

Also saw some friends and hit many an event.

Mikhael Subotzky, of Magnum, won the W. Eugene Smith award for his excellent work in South Africa. Been a hell of a year for him and it was a pleasant surprise to hear him speak eloquently and precisely about his photographs and what he hopes to accomplish using the $35,000 grant. Not a surprise because I expected any less from him specifically, but because there are many photographers, me included, who struggle to speak clearly about the emotions and hopes of their work. Even when the emotional side is clear in their heads it can be hard to express it to others.

Also went to the VII storefront to see photos from the new issue of Dispatches. If you are not already familar with the work that Gary Knight and others are putting into this quaterly journalism publication, go to the website and order a copy. So worth it. Yuri Kozyrev showed 5 years of work from Iraq that left me speechless when the lights came on. Moving and hard, and gives an important overview of the last 5 years of that conflict in a way that I think few others can. He has been there from the invasion on and his photographs gave context and historical significance to an event that has changed our world but is frequently viewed on as body counts and daily tales of woe. That is all in the photographs but the time span shows the ebb and flow of the war and perhaps a glimpse of what the future will be, difficult.

We all know by now that a historic moment was made on Tuesday, November 4. Barack Obama is now the president elect of the United States. I got to be part of the election madness as the North Carolina photographer for the New York Times. I do a lot of work for them and the editors are great so it truly a moment to remember to be part of the election day team. You can find my photos, and those of my collegues, in several galleries on the Times site but start here and click on the “more slide shows” link. Well worth a look.

As Obama gave his acceptance speech, I spent the evening, after my last 11:45pm deadline, in a bar in Greensboro, NC with many African American students from the area. The mood of expectations for the future was palpable and many expressed thoughts on how they hope for things to be better, progress to occur and for us all to get along better. Never thought I would see the day that North Carolina would go Democratic again, but here we are. On that note, I leave you with this photo of Brandon Lowe, a recent college grad, watching our next president accept the nomination.

To better things.