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New Stories for an almost New Year

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I have just added 2 new stories to my website.

As promised, a larger edit of the NC Christmas Tree story is there and the story on semi pro football. Look under the stories section of the site for the full picture. The tree story is also featured at the Independent Weekly, where I work month on, month off.

Also, my new customized archive site is up at Photoshelter. I can not say enough about the folks over there, who have always been helpful and continually bring new additions to the site. See John’s blog for more info on what they have going on. Good stuff.

You will also see in the “Recent Work” opening section of my site a photo of Patricia and Mike Swygert.


Patricia is part of the North Carolina National Guard is is leaving for Iraq soon. Mike and Patricia were nice enough to talk to me for a bit after the photo was shot and we are in touch about future developments. It always amazes me how willing people are to stop and tell you a little bout what they are about, even during an emotional event like this.

The photo is part of my ongoing project, as of now titled “The War at Home” which is an attempt to show the effects of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from the standpoint of those at home, here in NC and the US. Take a look through the galleries and let me know what you think. I hope I do them all justice.

Have a Happy New Year if I am not back until then.


Portraits: Whose Agenda Is It

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NPR’s On the Media has an interesting piece on the topic of journalistic portrait photography.

It covers the neverending debate on whether the portrait is the vision of the photographer, it seems obvious to me, or a “true” representation of the subject/sitter.

What makes this story more interesting than most is who weighs in on the subject.

Platon, Martin Schoeller and the now infamous Jill Greenberg all speak their minds on what they do and why.

Platon especially, is very honest and straight forward about his approach, even wondering why he is still allowed to do what he does.

It is well worth the 15 minute listen.

As a student of the portrait, I love them when they are good, it is a great conversation although I found the narrator a bit heavy handed in his doom and gloom opinions on the state of portraiture and the agendas of all us photographers.

It still blows my mind that there is an assumption of neutrality or objectivity in any photographc work, even journalism. We have a duty to report what we see and to not change the facts, as we see it, but to assume that we all have no opinion and that it would not in some way come across in our work just seems nieve.

Honesty to the story and subject, absolutely,  but objectivity is such a high minded and impossible thing to ask of anyone. We are all a result of our past experiences and emotions and there is no way in my mind to turn that off when we go to “work”.

Chris Anderson also has a good bit to say on this topic. Although not directly related to portrait work, it is a good listen on the topic of subjectivity in journalistic photography.

Give it all a listen and chime in on how you feel.