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One in 8 Million

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Cannot understand why this feature on the New York Times site is not given more publicity. To me, it is an example of how multimedia can enhance a photographic story, not just add to the noise. Strong photos, strong audio, and surprise…a strong feature that furthers the informative, 1st person nature of the stories without getting in the way of the subject matter with fancy bells and whistles, just to say “multimedia”

Read a little more on this topic,  and the one that is concerning most of us freelancers, here.

How to survive and further the 1st mission of photojournalism, telling stories that matter.


Day in the Life….

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Just a little preview of a story I shot last week on NC State Rep. Deborah Ross.

I followed her around the State Legislature and to various off site meetings for 12 hours. She is truly a powerhouse in the House, never stopping the

constant back and forth that goes along with the political game. What she may lack in absolute power or influence, Ross makes up for in energy.

I think the last time I got that kind of crash course in State or local politics was in elementary school, when we all took a field trip

to the Legislature. Truly interesting to see how it all really happens on a more local level than what I got used to for 18 months last year.

Here is one of my favorites, of Ross checking her watch on the way to a committee meeting, more to come next week when it goes to press here.


New Photos

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Lots of sports recently.

Not sure why really, a challenge, never had the daily newspaper job really, just Metro for the NYT for a little over a year, but even then, no sports.

Some action, but mostly features. Since I really only shoot with 2 lens, a 35 and an 85, the real action is better left to the experts.

But really, boxing and soccer, with a feature on the Carolina Railhawks game this weekend, just trying to make it interesting, like I shot the football

last year.

Here are a couple that I like from last week, now in print here


UNC Boxing Club in College Park, Maryland


Pre-Fight Warm Ups


Martin Rennie, New Coach of the Carolina Railhawks

Oh, and I went to the Morrissey concert, not a fan, but man, the hallways were cool.