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Take a Moment: Tyler Hicks

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And watch Tyler Hick’s newest multimedia story from Afghanistan, about the loss of Pfc. Richard A. Dewater.

It is moving and claustrophobic, exacty as it should be.


NC National Guard Deploys to Iraq

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Several hundred members of the 30th Brigade Heavy Combat Team of the North Carolina National Guard left for Iraq last night. About 4000 members will be heading over in the next week or so for a 12 month tour. Been following these men and women for a while now as they prepared to go, training, back home, out for more training. Is seems to me especially tough for those families of Guardspeople when they go overseas. Not what many had signed up for, but they go none the less, as their duty dictates. The NCNG took heavy casualties in their last deployment so I hope that these men and women make it back unscathed. It will be one more chapter in my project on the effects of the wars in the Middle East on those left at home, as well as the lasting effects on the soldiers and Marines who serve. Other chapters can be seen on my website or for full edits please go to the archive. A few photos below





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Our new Vice President came to Ft. Bragg on Wednesday to welcome home the 18th Airborne Corps, who have been serving in Iraq for the last 15 months. This was the first time I have seen Biden in person, although I photographed all the other candidates last year. He was kinda funny, even mentioning, in a long comment, the surge in births in the Ft. Bragg area last year when the 82nd Airborne came home. He said they must have been doing their duty. Funny.

A couple of pics



For all you fans…

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Of UNC basketball. It goes without saying that college basketball is big around here, UNC, Duke, NC State, Wake Forest, etc.

Well, UNC won the NCAA men’s basketball title last night and thousands took to the streets.

We were all excited to say the least.


More images here for all those looking.


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As someone who is not a huge fan of shooting live music, I love shooting more featurish tour stories on bands just not so much the actual show, it is a pleasure when the band I have been assigned to shoot is up to have me tag along a bit before the show and acutally puts on an entertaining performance, as well.

I hung out with the Danish band Efterklang while they were in Chapel Hill to play a show at the Local 506.

A bunch of very nice people who play some good music as well.

Samples from the night below and the full edit is here





NASCAR Land for the New York Times

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Had a fun assignment last week for the NYT to travel to Martinsville, VA and see how the economic downturn has affected the town, which has put a lot of faith in the power of stock car racing to bring it back from the perpetually high unemployment that has gripped the area since the closing of the big furniture and textile plants years ago. TheĀ  Dupont plant alone had 5000 employees and was supposedly on the bomb list for the Nazis due to its status as the world’s largest producer of nylon.

Met some great folks who gave me a tour of the town, unfortunately the weather was terrible and kept the race related celebrating down in the days leading up to the race, but it was fun none the less.

Here are a couple photos from the story, and a slideshow is here


A fan poses for a photo in the Home Depot car


Attendance in the campground was down from previous years