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Even Longer Ago

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Since I mentioned politics a little earlier in the week, I went back to the files from first inauguarion I ever covered and pulled this photo that I always liked but never went anywhere. This was W‘s second, and people were pissed. I had never covered a large political event before, so after jumping through the hoops for the Secret Service, it was pretty amazing to see all the hate and love in one small space, albeit divided into cages depending on which side of the line your politcal leanings fell on. I do not remember if this kid was protesting or supporting the president and I think that is part of the reason why I always liked the photo, that and I am a sucker for a flag. It could be either, he is so ambiguous in his flag waving and in his glare/stare at me. I was caught, but in this case, it made a better photo.

And on that note, this is how the night ended.


On Assignment: Animazement

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Got to check out my first Animazement convention last week. Stunning, to say the least. Thousands of folks converged on the Raleigh Convention Center for 3 days of fun and anime. Did the white backdrop hustle, and by the way, setting up a 9ft. seamless in a tiny hallway by yourself is no fun, but the photos were what I had hoped for and it was a lot of fun to talk to the attendess and learn about their costumes and how far they had traveled to be there. A slideshow of 25 of the pics is here. Not my usual approach to a story, but it was also good to keep me on my toes and figure out the logistics of getting it all done outside my usual comfort zone.

Recent Work: More Portraits

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Lots of portrait work recently. The more you shoot something,  the more comfortable you are able to be doing it. Portrait jobs can be 5 minutes, an hour, or all day, usually the first.  Aaron Mills, of Outkast fame, was a blast. 30 minutes, several set ups, lit, natural light, etc. and he was up for a walk down the street, which is frequently how I like to work, spontaneous and free flowing. He brought energy and ideas and we had a lot of fun. Pictures turned out well, too.






Seems like forever ago…

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Going through photos from the seemingly neverending political campaigns of the last 2 years and came across this photo that I had forgotten about. In the chaos that was covering the elections, a few got away or I misplaced them in my hurry to file, backup the photos and get on to the next stop or assignment. We all know how it turned out, but no matter who you voted for, the energy was palpable.

Smoke ‘Em if you Got ‘Em

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You wil probably see much more of this hiding in doorways soon. North Carolina has passed a smoking ban to take effect on January 1, 2010 that will outlaw smoking in bars and restaurants. This is similar to what they have in many other states, NY, MA, etc, but the exception here will be that private clubs are exempt.

For those of you not familiar with the archaic liquor laws we have here, any establishment that does not derive 30% of their profits from food, but wishes to serve liquor must be a “private club” that collects membership fees and has a theme. A Kevin Bacon fan club, for instance. Owners must invent and maintain this members only club and all must sign in at the door. Enforceable, hardly, but it is the law and the fines leveled for non compliance can be massive.

As a big tobacco state, the new law was hard fought, but does seem to be successful as of now. Look for the huddled masses at a doorway near you.

Take A Moment: Alejandro Chaskielberg

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The 1st finalist for the second Burn Magazine Emerging Photgrapher’s Fund grant (EPF) has been posted. Over the course of the next few weeks, leading up to the anouncement of the winner at Look3, Mr. David Alan Harvey will be premiering the 9 finalists on the Burn site. This is a great undertaking and a worthwhile project and the work now on display, Alejandro’s, is but one example of the efforts the folks at Burn are taking to further the exploration of new methods of documentary storytelling by photographers we all may not know of. Good look, enjoy and comment. Further the discussion.

New Work: Portraits

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Evan Rachel Wood, Raleigh, NC. 2009.

The previously emabargoed portrait is now released. I was happy with this one. Frequently with people who are photographed often, all they want to give you is their “game face” which can be quite pretty or striking, but tells you little about who they are, or about the reaction you all, the subject and photographer, are having, which is really all you can ask for in a portrait. I got many “nice” portrtaits of Ms. Wood that day, but this one is the only one with here guard down a bit, the in-between moment, and I think, really what got her where she is today. Her performance in the Wrestler is not to be missed.

On the newssstands today in the Triangle.