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On Assignment: Arrests in Terror Case for the New York Times

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The home of Daniel Patrick Boyd, the alleged ringleader of the group.


Khalilah Sabra, right, answered questions after reading a statement from Sabrina Boyd. Sabra is the Executive Director of the Muslim American Society Freedom, a advocacy group not associated with the Boyd’s, but wishing to ask for calm until the charges are proven.


The mosque where Daniel Patrick Boyd was said to have occasionally worshiped.

Chased the breaking news story yesterday for the New York Times about 7 arrests of local men charged “supporting violent jihad” in a federal case .

Not much to shoot, all was rather serene under the circumstances, but more is sure to come out about the charges at tomorrow’s detention hearing.

Read Campbell Robertson’s story here for more details.


The Ladybug Transistor

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As part of the Merge Records 20th Anniversary bonanza, Brooklyn based band, The Ladybug Transistor, played an off site show at the Holiday Inn in Chapel Hill, NC. They played and recorded 2 songs, one in the room and one in the hallway outside. Fun, great idea and they were a good bunch to work with, in the tight quarters,  especially since it was all being filmed and recorded for a documentary of sorts about all the goings on related to the anniversary.

Full edit here


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New Work: Merge Records Turns 20

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Merge Records, a leader and innovator in the indy rock scene, think Arcade Fire, Pipe (find it), Polvo, Spoon, Conor Oberst, Superchunk, etc, etc turns 20 this week. They are having the Merge Fest in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, sold out long ago, and in anticipation of the event, I shot photos of the founders Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan.

Read all about it here.

Worth A Look: David Burnett at Lens

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Image copyright David Burnett/ Contact Press Images

Awesome set of photos over at Lens (the NYT photojournalism blog) by David Burnett of the 1969 Apollo 11 launch that put men on the moon. He photographed the crowds that turned out to watch the launch as opposed to the actual launch and the images are striking in their historic value, but more so for their timelessness and style. Not so far off from many of the current trends in photojournalism, the out of focus foreground objects, the vignetted flash. I like them all when well used, and it is funny to see how it all comes around again. Burnett is one of the best so take a moment.

Click the photo to see the full set.


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Waiting for the services to begin for NC National Guardsman Sgt. Robert L. Bittiker to start, Jacksonville, NC.

It has been interesting shooting photos on the phone, like everyone else theses days, but occasionally I get something I never thought I had, a surprise of sorts. Processed to look like everyone’s favorite party favor, but the colors look good and somehow they seem lighter than the photos from the “real cameras” even under circumstances I would not wish on anyone. Trying it out in the down time, the waiting.

Just a Few….

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Coastal Carolina State Veterans Cemetery, Jacksonville, NC.


Michael Jackson Memorial, Raleigh, NC.

Been a busy couple of days, I am exhausted. Funny, the contrasts in where this job will take you from day to day.