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On Assignment: Suicide in the National Guard for the New York Times

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HQ of the 1451st Transportation Company, Boone, NC.


Lawrence Parker is the father of 1st Sergeant Roger Parker, who took his own life after returning from Iraq and losing 2 of the men in his unit.


Jennifer Wilson is the younger sister of Sgt. Jeff Wilson, who committed suicide after the deaths of 2 men in his unit in Iraq.


A memorial for the fallen soldiers from the 1451st Transportation Company, Boone, NC.


Elaine Hafner is the mother of Sgt. Jeff Wilson, who committed suicide after returning from Iraq and losing 2 friends just weeks before the end of their tour.

A few months ago, I worked on a story for the New York Times about a North Carolina National Guard unit, the 1451st Transportation Company, out of Boone, that had 4 of their soldiers commit suicide after returning from a tour in Iraq where they lost 2 men less than 2 weeks before returning home. The story focuses primarily on Sgt. Jacob Blaylock, but I met with the father, mother and sister of 2 of the fallen soldiers, 1st Sgt. Roger Parker and Sgt. Jeff Wilson, all of whom reside in western North Carolina. It was one of the hardest stories I have worked on from an emotional stand point. Even a year or more after the deaths of their children, the parents and siblings still have a pronounced sense of loss and some anger as to why their sons and brother were not better looked after by the Army. Not enough counseling or mental care and contact after they returned from war after losing 2 friends just weeks before heading home.

I just want to thank the Hafners, Parkers and Wilsons for inviting me to their homes to share their stories about their sons and brothers with me. Without strong families like them, these men would have been all the more lost and I hope this story will help the military get a handle on what they need to do to keep this from happening again.

Read it all here, see the slideshow here, more photos here.

See more photos related to the effects of the wars in the Middle East on the US here.


On Assignment: Arrests in Terror Case for the New York Times

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The home of Daniel Patrick Boyd, the alleged ringleader of the group.


Khalilah Sabra, right, answered questions after reading a statement from Sabrina Boyd. Sabra is the Executive Director of the Muslim American Society Freedom, a advocacy group not associated with the Boyd’s, but wishing to ask for calm until the charges are proven.


The mosque where Daniel Patrick Boyd was said to have occasionally worshiped.

Chased the breaking news story yesterday for the New York Times about 7 arrests of local men charged “supporting violent jihad” in a federal case .

Not much to shoot, all was rather serene under the circumstances, but more is sure to come out about the charges at tomorrow’s detention hearing.

Read Campbell Robertson’s story here for more details.

On Assignment: Rocky Mount for the New York Times

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Photographed a story in Rocky Mount, NC for the New York Times. Due to the downturn in the economy, esp. in Rocky Mount where unemployment has doubled to 14% in the last year, pharmacists at Almand’s Drug Store have been put in the position of helping clients tp pick which of their prescriptions are the most important because they are unable to afford all of them. Most of the folks are on Medicaid or Medicare but the co-pays for some of the drugs are still too high. Story is here, more photos here.


Traci W. Suber, right, a pharmacist, said customers sometimes wanted her to tell them which of their drugs was most important.


Clients wait for their prescriptions to be filled.


The majority of the stores in downtown Rocky Mount have shut down.


In store advertising offers deals on certain drugs.


Arlene Birth is a client of the pharmacy.


Gloria, a store clerk, advises waiting customers.


Many vacant homes dot the Rocky Mount landscape.

On Assignment: Myrtle Beach

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Went to Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago for the New York Times to photograph a story on the controversy surrounding the annual Bike Week rallies. The short of it is that the town of Myrtle Beach has enacted many new laws to try and discourage many of the 500,000 or so bikers that come during the month of May from entering their town. They wish a return to family activities (water parks, mini golf, etc.) and no longer want to be known as a haven for the 2 rallies every May, Harley Week (white bike week) and Black Bike Week. Obviously in this bad economic time, the debate over lost revenues has brought the issue to a head between 2 battling business groups, those who welcome the bikers and those who wish them gone, who have the city council’s support. It was an interesting, long day and hearing the arguments from both sides really revealed how a town can be split precisely along lines of class, golf vs. motorcycles, and economic priorities, golf courses vs. bars. The fact that one rally, which has around in one from or another for decades, caters to a white older crowd and the other to a young black audience just further clouds the pool when trying to figure the agendas of each group who support or oppose the rallies.

The full story is here and a slide show is here. A few frames below.

090421_bikers_056Popsicles and bikes along the strip

090421_bikers_131T-shirt at biker bar Suck Bang Blow calling out Myrtle Beach

090421_bikers_072Motorcycles are apparent in all types of activities in MB

090421_bikers_143Some hotels say the rallies do not allow them to fill all the rooms

090421_bikers_155While others welcome the business

Take a Moment: Tyler Hicks

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And watch Tyler Hick’s newest multimedia story from Afghanistan, about the loss of Pfc. Richard A. Dewater.

It is moving and claustrophobic, exacty as it should be.

NASCAR Land for the New York Times

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Had a fun assignment last week for the NYT to travel to Martinsville, VA and see how the economic downturn has affected the town, which has put a lot of faith in the power of stock car racing to bring it back from the perpetually high unemployment that has gripped the area since the closing of the big furniture and textile plants years ago. TheĀ  Dupont plant alone had 5000 employees and was supposedly on the bomb list for the Nazis due to its status as the world’s largest producer of nylon.

Met some great folks who gave me a tour of the town, unfortunately the weather was terrible and kept the race related celebrating down in the days leading up to the race, but it was fun none the less.

Here are a couple photos from the story, and a slideshow is here


A fan poses for a photo in the Home Depot car


Attendance in the campground was down from previous years

New Photos

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Lots of sports recently.

Not sure why really, a challenge, never had the daily newspaper job really, just Metro for the NYT for a little over a year, but even then, no sports.

Some action, but mostly features. Since I really only shoot with 2 lens, a 35 and an 85, the real action is better left to the experts.

But really, boxing and soccer, with a feature on the Carolina Railhawks game this weekend, just trying to make it interesting, like I shot the football

last year.

Here are a couple that I like from last week, now in print here


UNC Boxing Club in College Park, Maryland


Pre-Fight Warm Ups


Martin Rennie, New Coach of the Carolina Railhawks

Oh, and I went to the Morrissey concert, not a fan, but man, the hallways were cool.